Album distributes the content of renowned international collections. More than 10.000.000 images available online, searchable by keywords or RIS (visual searches by dragging images).
This vast collection, which started with the first known photographic images, offers a rich variety of photographic illustration of historical events, daily life, science and trips.
It is one of the best and most complete historical archives in the world. It has more than 1.400.000 online images on any topic. Its wide range of topic areas include works of art, history, photography, music, religion, science, architecture and archaeology.
Collection specialized in cinema, tv, music art and history. More than 300.000 images online and around 1.000.000 in archive.
Arxiu fotogràfic Ramon Manent
Photographer specialised in artworks and catalan Romanesque and Gothic architecture and, specially, Modernism, for which he is able to interpret its form, texture and color, creating extraordinary images.
ASF imagen
Photo archive of José Latova, photographer specialised in heritage and archaeology. Its collection includes some of the most important Spanish archaeological sites, pieces from the Museo Arqueológico Nacional and images of discoveries from excavations of project Djehuty in Luxor.
The Collection Fernández Rivero consists of around 35.000 original photogaphic works from late 19th Century and early 20th. It offers a complete overview of the origins of photography, specially in Spain, both its artistic and technical sides.
Colección Raurich
Photographer specialised in travel images. During his 25 years of experience he has built an outstanding collection of more than 15.000 images of cities and villages, monuments, gastronomy and popular festivals from Spain.
Archive that shows photographs of cultural heritage with illustrations of important public institutions and private collections. Historical works of art, craftwork, means of transport and technical orientated museum machines.
dpa-Picture Alliance
Subsidiary to dpa, the famous German press agency, this collection covers all kinds of news, sports, entertainment, economy, history, nature, trips and life styles.
Collection of photographs, postcards, artworks, prints, maps and ephemera from Japan, from the 1850s to 1960s. The archive focuses on everyday life, architecture, cities and landscapes, as well as everyday items such as posters, advertising and tickets.
eye ubiquitous
British agency specialized in travels with over 25 years of offering service to the tourism and editorial industry worldwide. Original archive of medium and big format transparencies with excelent digital files of 50 to 70 MB.
Fine Art Images
Outstanding photographic art library with more than 50.000 online images of plastic arts of all-time artists. It is remarkable its collection of russian art with more than 10.000 images of artworks from the most important Russian museums.
Collecction with more than 25.000 images of old hand-made engravings from the golden age of European illustrated books. Sensational color illustrations about flowers and pants, animals, fossils, fashion, musical instruments among others.
Ghigo Roli
The photographer Ghigo Roli works in Italy and abroad, having a long experience in different fields. Ghigo Roli’s photographs have been collected into a vast archive which is especially dedicated to art (sculptures, paintings, facsimile reproductions and architecture from the ancient times to contemporary art).
Heritage images
British collection founded in the 2000s that brings together works from the world's leading museums, galleries and private collections to offer a wide variety of images.
IKON images
Archive specialized in illustrations representing more than 230 artists and illustrators.
German agency of high variety and quality. Worlwide photographers enrich this dynamic collection with a broad variety of contents: travel, daily life, animals, heritage.
Javier Larrea
Javier Larrea is a Spanish photographer born in Donostia, Euskadi. Since 2000, Larrea has dedicated himself exclusively to photography. His archive accumulates more than 100,000 images on industry, research, heritage, tourism and advertising.
Kharbine Tapabor
40 years collecting material from photographers, libraries, museums, galleries, book lovers with hidden treasures and graphic art collectors.
Lebrecht Picture Library
British agency distributing the most complete photographic archive about music. It covers all aspects of the life and works of great composers and creators, the concert halls where they worked and the societies where they lived in.
Lessing Photo Archive
Photographic library chosen by the famous photographer Eric Lessing. It has excellent quality photographs of fine art, religion, history, music, archaeology, mythology, architecture, historical portraits and photographic reports from when he worked in the agency "Magmum".
Liszt Collection
Liszt collection is composed of more than one million images, most of them 19th Century engravings. Locations, portraits, travels, science, inventions, animals and plants, art, maps, fairy tails and legends and music. More than 200.000 online images.
Mondadori Portfolio
Mondadori's photographic archive includes paintings, sculptures, architecture, decorative arts and archaeology, as well as an exclusive selection of ‘vintage’ and historical black and white photos by the prestigious photographers in the fifties.
New Picture Library
This archive has photographs of the most important archaeological sites in the world, including objects, jewellery and masks, from pre-historic times to today.
Oronoz archive is made of 150.000 images in physical format, 90.000 of which are digitalized. Its two main specialities are Spain history and artworks from the most important world museums.
Photo agency specialised in illustration for editorial sector, specially text books, travel guides and illustrated works. The collection ranges themes such us history, literature, architecture, paintings, portraits, geography, landscapes, agriculture, personalities, folklore and gastronomy.
Robert Harding
High quality images collection with a wide variety of topics such as travel, cultures, nature, archaeology, architecture and and environment.
Rue Des Archives
French photo agency heir of AGIP archive, founded 1915 in Paris. A general archive where photographers like Gerald Blomcourt (politics and humanities), Michael Sima (artists and artworks) and René Saint Paul (photo reports) stand out, among others.
Science Source
Excellent collection of photographs, illustrations and infographics. Science Source is an American agency specialized in health, biomedicine, technology and science.
Sites & photos
Based in Israel, Sites & Photos is a photo archive specialized in ancient archaeology, architecture and art. Samuel Magal, owner and director, is archaeologist who has photographed hundreds of sites and museums across the Mediterranean.
Sol 90 images
Exclusive distribution of this great collection of editable infographics and illustrations. Spectaular images about science, technology, history, geography, medicine, food, culture and sports.
Stocktrek Images
Stocktrek Images is an inspiring source of high quality specialized images. A fine selection of photographs and illustrations of paleoart, history, science and medicine.
American agency with an outstanding archive of painting s reproductions from the most important museums worldwide. Artworks of more than 6.000 artists.
The British Library Collection
Collection with the best images from the renowned British Library with manuscripts, bools, musical texts, maps, illustrations, drawings, paintings and photographs covering almost 3000 years.
The Granger Collection
Archive of color photographs, illustrations and engravings about humanity history. This is an universal collection emphasizing North-American history. More than 130.000 images online.
Universal Images Group
UG, founded by George Sinclair in 2002, creates, edits and groups together photographs, engravings, lithographies, paintings, illustrations and other multimedia contents. UIG manages the distribution of many of the main worldwide specialised agencies.
View Pictures
British agency founded 14 years ago that represents more than 200 photographers, who specialise in architecture and interior design. In its archive one can find photographic reports of the most important architect works in the world.
Writer Pictures
This agency specialises in writer's portraits, it has built up an enormous photographic library of literary authors for the editorial industry. It also covers the "Booker", "Costa" and "Orange Prizes" fairs as well as the most important literary festivals.
An American press agency that produces content for news, sport and entertainment and represents some of the most important news photographers in the USA, communication media groups and newspapers.